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My friend dressed her dog up as Marty McPug from Back to the Future.

dont u mean

bark to the future

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What is this new anti slut-shaming shit?  Are you people actually teaching your daughters that it’s okay to fuck every guy they see because men have been whoring around for centuries?  Are you out of your mind?  Why don’t you work on instilling some morals in men and women while they are young instead of teaching that it’s not only okay to slut yourself out, but you should be proud of it?! 

You want to know why we’re establishing anti slut-shaming? Because of ignorant people like you. If the world was more sex positive and people weren’t so close minded about the idea of a women(or a man but really more so the women because double standards, y’know.) having sex with multiple people, we wouldn’t have so many issues. People wouldn’t be so scared to ask questions that can potentially save them from making bad choices sexually. If we had more proper sex education, I’m sure there’d be a lot less unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and even rape. 
While we’re on the discussion of rape actually, let me just throw in the fact that because people slut shame, a lot of victims don’t even let people know what happened to them. Why? Out of fear. Actual fear that their loved ones will look down on them for something that wasn’t their fault at all. Something that was awful and may have broken them. Because yeah, slut shaming does that. Slut shaming goes “well, her shorts were too short and she’s obviously had sex a few times before so what’s the big deal if that guy fucked her without her being okay with it. She was okay with the other two guys she had sex with.” No matter how many people someone has had sex with or how revealing their clothes are, it is never their fault and slut shaming tells them the opposite of that. So, a lot of rape victims wind up staying silent, sick to their stomachs and scared out of their mind. They don’t even seek help half the time because of it and do you know how that affects them? Yeah, it really really fucks them up.
There’s nothing morally wrong with having consensual sex with anyone at anytime with or without attachment to them. As long as both parties are willing and protected and whatever boundaries need to made are drawn, it’s completely fine. Do you want to know the whole purpose of humans and any other creature out there? Breeding. That’s right. Humans and other animals were created just so their species could continue to breed and evolve. Therefor, sex is pretty much a core need. Some people need/want it more than others and there’s not a single thing wrong with that. It’s primitive and I don’t see why people have to hide it.
Being sex positive isn’t teaching our daughters and sons to go fuck every Tom, Dick and Harry just because it’s their job or something. It’s teaching them that it’s okay to have sex and it’s okay to ask questions and most of all that it’s their bodies and they can do what they please with it. It’s freedom and power. It’s letting them understand sex, letting them understand the affects it can have on people and themselves. It’s letting them know how to protect themselves from diseases or other threats. It’s boosting their confidence even. It’s showing them “hey, I have a vagina and I can fucking rule the world if I wanted to.” It’s most of all letting them know that they have nothing to fear if they have questions or letting us know about something they weren’t okay with happening to them.

So, please, if you’re not going to actually smarten up and realize the affects that slut shaming causes, what ever you do, don’t fucking breed. We don’t need another person telling us what to do with our vaginas. 

reasons why i love Dommie: #56

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i will make these for Dommie some day. | ^-^ | 

i will make these for Dommie some day. | ^-^ | 

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NYA! i wish those were for Dommie and me. | T^T | 

NYA! i wish those were for Dommie and me. | T^T | 

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Even Rizzo is giving sad eyes.

| T^T | i wish i could hug Rizzo.